26. Sep 2012: Again, No answer from Holitec Office and Support

As i was writing yesterday, it was already clear for me that i dont get any answer from Holitec Support. I wrote to the guy Digby, Samantha and to the Prodomi Office in Cyprus. I really dont know what the lazy people in the Prodomi Office from Holitec are doing. Most of the time i have the feeling they are just sitting and taking care of private things.
I dont even got any confirmation mail. Even if they are busy (they are not) somebody can write an answer to acknowlege. I requsted this confirmation, but didnt received anything.
Today i will write again a message to the Holitec Support and the Prodomi / Paphos Office. If you experience also bad customer service and a lack of speed with Holitec, please contact us to share your experience online.

25. Sep 2012: Holitec Speed not even 1/4 for what i pay for - 4 MBit plan delivers only 0.8 MBit

Since 3-4 weeks again i am experience a very bad service. I am using the 4 MBit plan from Holitec, but i dont reach more speed then 0.8 MBit. On a regulary basis i am speed-testing the connection, and sometimes i even get only a connection speed of 0.4 MBIT.

I am now writing a mail to the Holitec Support showing my speed results over the last 3 weeks. I am using the Cytanet Connection of Holitec, so when i am doing the speed-test i am also using Cytanet as my end-point. In this way you can determine and exclude any problems from Cytanet itself.
The speed-test is showing a clear result: The problem of the lack of speed is due the connection between Holitec and Cytanet.
So lets see how fast the support is reacting on my support-mail. I dont have to much hope that they will reply to support-request fast. In the past they often never replied on support-mails, and at the end finding excuses that they didnt received any mail.

Holitec Speed Test

Holitec Cyprus – Review

Thank you for visiting my personal page about Cyprus and broadband provider in Cyprus. On this page i will share my experience with setting up a internet-connection using some companies in Cyprus. My first review will be about a company called Holitec in Paphos and Polis/Latchi area.

On this page you’ll find soon my experience with the Broadband-Provider Holitec in Cyprus. Holitec has several offices around Cyprus, and is covering rural areas in Polis, Latchi, Paphos and several other cities in Cyprus.


Is the customer support of Holitec good at all? Do they reply on mails fast, or does it take very long to reply? Is it possible to reach them by phone or fax and how fast they care about their customers. I will let you know my experience with Holitec, and also show you other alternatives in Cyprus to get broadband internet for rural areas.

Network Broadband Connection and Speed

Those tests include ping-tests, tracetoute-tests to Cyprus hosts and oversea hosts. Especially i will show, how fast the internet-connection is to other European hosts, like in the UK.

Additional, i will explain my own experience with HOLITEC until now. In a couple of days this page will be filled with all information you need to make your own decission. Further reading: Holitec Support - Problems with Holitec

Holitec Internet CyprusBecause actually i am a little bit busy, dont expect some reviews very fast. Please give me a couple of days. Due to my job as an internet professional, i just set up this page in 5 minutes as a placeholder for my review. Don't hestiate to contact me by mail if you want to share with me your private experience with Holitec.

Review includes:

  • Speed Test
  • Customer Support Review
  • Holitec Network
  • Other broadband companies
  • Cyprus Information

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