Our not so good experience with RABEL SYSTEMS partner Glasswood Innovation in Polis, Cyprus

This is our not so good experience we had with Rabel Systems (and still have). It is about that Rabel is not taking responsibility for the partners they are working with. We trusted Rabel and found that the products are looking very nice. But we had been deeply disappointed about the way of doing business and the quality itself. We can not recommend this company and here is why.

On 15.07.2020 we paid approx. 27.000 Euro to Glaswood Innovation in Polis, Cyrus a gold partner and partner from Rabel Systems. We ordered several windows from Rabel which we choose from there showroom in Paphos.

Slim Super Thermal Windows we ordered from Rabel Cyprus

  • RABEL 50 slim super thermal
  • RABEL 62 slim super thermal
  • RABEL 3800 Super Slim Folding Thermal

The time passed and we slowly realised that things are processing very slow. Some old windows haven’t been disassembled, not all parts of new windows came – a lot of openings without windows we still had. Because we’re in Cyprus we know that things are more slow and so we were very patient. We nearly heared new storys every week: „In 1 week we will deliver (…) in September we will deliver all windows (…) All Windows are already read (…) etc“.

Big opening without any Rabel Windows from Cyprus at all

But then November was just starting. We were really afraid about the rain which is really heavy in Cyprus and all the openings we still had in our house. It was 2. November and we made the decsission to contact Rabel directly because we didn’t want to wait anymore and didn’t wanted to listen to more „stories“.

Further Information you can find at Rabel Systems Cyprus Super Thermal Windows



We sent a mail to Rabel Systems directly asking for help

We wrote a mail to Rabel Systems explaining our problem and that there partner is not willing to place the windows even he already received all the money. We really learned fast that Rabel doesn’t want to take any responsibility.

Rabel 50 Super Slim Window – only Frame, no glass

They replied on our first mail to wait again another month knowing that the rainy season just started. On the same day we replied telling them that this is not an acceptable solution because we listened this all the time.

This time we didn’t het any answer to our mail anymore.

As the rain started we made a video about all the problems the rain is doing to our house. We send it to Rabel 2 weeks later after our last mail. We could the replay that Rabel itself doesn’t want to encourage anymore because of our „ungrateful answer“.

Whatever they mean with this? Maybe because they didn’t like that we made the video?

Mail Conversation with Rabel Systems in Cyprus

This is our first mail we sent on 3. November 2020 after we realized that the weather condition is getting slowly bad:

Mail from 03.11.2020 to Rabel Systems

Dear Mr. XXX,

This is Timo & Ania from Peristerona. Maybe you still remember us. We visited you a few years ago in your office in Nicosia. We are very sorry to disturb you but we are a little bit desperate:

In July we ordered RABEL windows. The offer was prepared by your former employee Christo from your Paphos showroom and we decided for your gold partner Glasswood in Polis. We worked together with Andreas Vardas but we had to pause the project because we wanted to exchange the windows first. (…), we already paid in July for the whole project (about 27.000 Euro).

Anyway: The project has not been finished yet. We were very patient and communicated a lot with Glaswood but now we are at the point that nothing is proceeding. After 4 months of living in a construction site we are still waiting for seven windows, have holes in the walls and it’s going to rain. And every day we hear a new excuse: Parts are missing for some windows, the glass factory doesn’t like small jobs, the workers in the factory are making mistakes… and at the end: „this is a small job, we have big jobs to do“.

We don’t know what to do now!

We decided for RABEL because we trusted your company and liked the products very much. But we are very disappointed. We chose Glasswood because you recommend them on your website as a Gold Partner. And now they don’t even finish the job. We have never ever thought that we will still live without windows when the winter is coming and it’s starting to rain.

We hope you can help us in this situation. We don’t want to wait anymore and listen to any new excuses, we don’t want to have any damages to our house caused by rain. We also want to proceed with our project with Andreas Vardas.


With this mail we want to give you the possibility to tell us your point of view about this situation.

Is this what other people can also expect when making the decision to buy RABEL windows?

We’ve attached a document with all missing windows. We could also prepare a video from the situation so you can better imagine in what conditions we are living. We would then provide you the link to YouTube after uploading.

Please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Timo + Ania

We got a reply on the same day, but the answer was not very encouraging for us. November was just starting (3.11.2020) and we should wait another month knowing about all the promises made already before.

Mail from 03.11.2020 from Rabel Systems

Dear Timo,
I have just talked to the fabricator. He committed to have everything finished by the end of this month the latest. In case there are any further delays let me know.

Best regards

Managing Director


Directly after we received the mail we send another one knowing about the promises did already before. We didn’t wanted to wait any further. We don’t wanted to have damage to our house due to the rain:

Hello Mr. Yiannis,

I don’t know what the fabricator was telling you, but we know that he can make very nice stories. Phrases like „by the end of the week“ and „by the end of the month“ or „all the glasses are here“ or „everythings is ready“ we’ve heard already many times. Last week we were also waiting on appointed days for his workers to come and finish the job, but nobody came, nobody called, nothing happened.

And now we should wait until December? What is the problem in providing glasses for frames which are already in place and why should it take another 4 weeks? Everything was promised to be finished by the end of September the latest. We were waiting patiently one month longer and now we should wait for another one? This can not be the solution!

This is not only unprofessional, this is really respectless to the customer. We don’t understand how Rabel can accept this answer from the fabricator. Four months was really enough time to complete the job. We cannot wait another month.

We ask you again: Please try to find a good solution which is acceptable for both sides.

Timo + Ania


We didn’t got any reply anymore to this mail. 🙁 Our mail to the has been just ignored. No „sorry“, not nothing. We were again alone.

Finally it happened as we had forecasted it. The rain started and not a little. We made a video to document the problem. Rain went into our house, wood-floors and electric installations. You can see the video here: Rabel Systems Windows Glasswood Innovations Polis Video

We send again a mail showing the video.

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